There is no arguing about taste in music.

Because no matter how delightful disharmonies may sound in modern music – they tend to be in the way of personal and economic development. Because blithe musical creativity and successful exploitation of the results require harmony and security to play in tune. Therefore, the aim of industry-based legal advice by music & law always is to avoid conflicts before they even arise.

A solid legal foundation not only gives you the option to utilize both your creativity and acquired rights as best possible, but also the intellectual freedom you need to create great things – and that right from the start. In the form of an intelligent contract structure as the basis for commercial collaboration, professional review and negotiation of a standard agreement, or its mutual cancellation. But even in case of a legal dispute, you can rely on high-quality representation of your interests.

When conventional ways of music distribution change and new utilization models emerge, not only do you need a partner who knows the music business but also a consultant with specialist knowledge who understands the future of the modern media landscape; particularly when it may concern the long-term, unrestricted exploitation of your music.