music & law advises clients according to the highest professional standards.

Whether you are about to close a record contract, want to set up a band or a label, or maybe a new business model for the exploitation of musical content on the market:  music & law will handle your concern with legal competence and an in-depth understanding for economic and technical relationships in order to achieve the best possible economic outcome, no matter how complex the legal issues are. A transparent fee structure and cost-conscious approach are both a given.

In addition to meetings with a specialist advisor to discuss any legal matters you may encounter, we also offer contract reviews and storage of copies of your work for a flat rate. So you get a high-quality advice at a reasonable price. Costs for mandates, the scope of which cannot be accurately calculated before they commence, are worked out according to the time spent on the matter, and on the basis of your fee agreement with us. If legal representation of your interests is required, payment is generally taken according to the Guidelines of the RVG (German Attorney Remuneration Law), that provides a calculation of costs according to the value of the dispute.

You can download a detailed fee list for the most popular advisory services (music & law FEELIST) or the firm’s current booklet (music & law BOOKLET) for free and without any obligation as a PDF files by clicking on the following buttons.

Many advisory services can also be paid directly at the law office with all common debit cards (Maestro), credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, V-Pay) and via NFC also with Google Pay & Apple Pay.